Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats release the cover art to their “Balance” Mixtape @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats #HomeGrownMics

Chox-Mak has been on a constant rampage of releasing quality music for his  fans “The Choxen Ones”. Through his journey of releasing hit after hit he has  figured that it is time to give the choxen ones a preview of his up and coming mixtape cover for “Balance”. Bunty Beats has supplied all of the production for this mixtape while Chox-Mak will be delivering all of the lyrics. Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats have had a long history if dropping singles and Ep’s together but this will be there first official non-DJ hosted mixtape. The cover of the mixtape gives you a vivid visual of what you will be expecting.

The balance beam is a symbolization of what type of tracks will be featured on the mixtape. The mixtape will feature a wide variety of beats from boom bap, carribean, rock with a hip hop twist and that straight up 90s Flow vibe. You can expect to see this cover all over the internet it will be a project that alot of people are ready to hear. Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats decided to have Audio Mack be the primary host of the mixtape. Just look out for the project dropping inblate march but they should have hard copies of the mixtape as well before it debuts online. Make sure to tell a friend to tell a
friend that “Balance” the mixtape is in the works and it is coming soon. Chox-Mak will also be releasing his big debut mixtape “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” with DJ YRS Jerzy a couple of months after balance. Balance can be considered a warm up before his Cross Colours And Starter Jackets mixtape drops. Stay tuned in between time Chox will have videos and more single releases dropping to get the people ready. The cover was also made by Bunty Beats.



One thought on “Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats release the cover art to their “Balance” Mixtape @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats #HomeGrownMics

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