About Us

Mic in the booth at home

HomeGrown Mics is a company helping bring artists together in the Pittsburgh area. What is it that we do? We contact an artist to see if they are going on tour and if they plan on stopping in Pittsburgh for a show. When the agents get back to us, we will find out the dates for when they are stopping and then contact a venue that we think best fits the client. Once the venue is set up, it is time to promote the events months in advance! If you have a questions or comments email us at info@homegrownmics.com

We have worked with New York’s retired battle rapper Soul Khan, Pittsburgh’s battle rapper Real Deal. We’ve worked with groups from all over the area as well. We had Delusions of Grandeur, Big Chief Smash, Jordan York, Joel Kellem and Middle Name Danger all from the Pittsburgh area. We have also worked with Maryland’s DMV crew The Wright Brotherz.

If you want to work with HomeGrown Mics, just shoot us an email and we will work with you to get you a show here in Pittsburgh. info@homegrownmics.com is how you can get ahold of me.






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