Jan. 22nd DJ YRS Jerzy will be hosting “Trippy Thursday” in Pittsburgh, PA at Club Cafe @iamdjyrsjerzy

Up and comer DJ YRS Jerzy has been making his rounds all around the internet and the streets. Jerzy has been working for a long time to get to where he is going now. As he continues to make more and more happen as the days go by he was chosen to host a great event out in Pittsburgh titled #TrippyThursday Presented by Home Grown Mics. The event name is self explanatory bringing artists from all around the US to showcase their talents. The line up includes artists on the come up in each area they are located.

Some artists featured on the show are Slide Dillinger who released a track with Cam’Ron a couple of months back, Gino Mondana who is an affiliate of the GS9 camp out in Brooklyn NY. Rel who is based out in Pittsburgh and works with a couple majors out in the area, Rockey, Jonny Goood, Cool Tey & Interstate Snake who has tracks out featuring artists such as Tone Trump, Troy Ave and more. It will be a great show if you need any more details all the info is on the flyer it is a free event and officially starts at 10:30 Pm. If you are in the area you will not want to muss out on this show. There might even be a major special guest that will appear. Stay tuned on social media and use the hash tag #TrippyThursday when talking about the event.


Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Feel Our Pain @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY #HomeGrownMics

As Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy continue their reign with dropping singles every week this month alot of people are starting to get familiar with them. They have so many projects in the works and they are always professional when it comes down to presenting themselves. Their latest track “Feel Our Pain” is a real life track that has a great meaning behind it. It takes you on a journey searching for real hip hop and it is safe to say that “Feel Our Pain” is a single that can help bring back real rap. They both feel that there are too many “Trap Rappers” in the game and not enough lyricists. Feel Our pain is definitely a track with substance that the people will relate to and want to hear alot more of. This track was produced by DR.G out of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/iamdjyrsjerzy/chox-mak-ft-dj-yrs-jerzy-feel

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8Hnc7PjZKo




Click the link for the Maryland hip-hop group WRIGHTBROTHERZ new mixtape called #DMV! Check them out on sound cloud, twitter and datpiff. They have also been featured on RepPittsburghHipHop.com.


Whole F’n Show for Download


Here is the song “Bad to the Bone” by Jim Bell off his first solo CD called “Whole F’n Show.” You can download it for free. Tell your friends and family to download this! Click the link to get Bad to the Bone 

Whole F’n Show

Jim Bell will be releasing his first CD called “Whole F’n Show” today in just a few hours! If you want the link follow our blog, twitter, or facebook and we will announce when the CD will be ready for a free download!

History of Strangers With Candy

Today’s history lesson is on Strangers With Candy! The hip-hop duo consists of two brothers; Steve and Josh Hernely! Steve and Josh began their careers in 2012 and their first single was Grownin Up  Their newest album is called “Something Ugly”

Late Nights

Hey guys ,

Just wanted to give you guys a little something about the new Strangers With Candy cd called “Something Ugly”! Last night we had Chrome and Cait Thomas in the building recording a few song! One of the members of S.W.C. said last night “We making bangers bro, bangers”!! The album will be released on October 1st.