Video Shoot in Pittsburgh

Hey fans,

¬† We are looking to shoot a music video for Strangers With Candy, we are filming “Tits Out” from the upcoming album called “Something Ugly.” We are going to be filming outside PNC Park on either Sept 14 or 15th, we will keep you updated. We are planning on getting everyone there around 4:00 for a 7:05 game. If you would like to help out and be in the video please email us at You can bring as many friends as you would like to the shoot!


History of Strangers With Candy

Today’s history lesson is on Strangers With Candy! The hip-hop duo consists of two brothers; Steve and Josh Hernely! Steve and Josh began their careers in 2012 and their first single was Grownin Up ¬†Their newest album is called “Something Ugly”

Late Nights

Hey guys ,

Just wanted to give you guys a little something about the new Strangers With Candy cd called “Something Ugly”! Last night we had Chrome and Cait Thomas in the building recording a few song! One of the members of S.W.C. said last night “We making bangers bro, bangers”!! The album will be released on October 1st.